Demarr Sela ❤
I'm an artist/film maker/writer/photographer/actress who loves fashion/make-up/hair/music.
I'm an individual who only knows how to be one person.......... me.
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25 Day Christmas Get Fit and Lose Weight Countdown Challenge! →


Here it is…Reblog to share and get others on board! Let’s do this guys.

Day 1 - Stats: Height, Current Weight, *Christmas* Goal Weight or Fitness Goal
Day 2 - How do you approach losing weight or getting fit? Are you pro-anything?
Day 3 - Don’t say anything bad about anyone today….

(Source: coffee-and-control)

Do Not Fear To Live In This World Alone. It’s Made For Us To Conquer So Let’s Do!!!!!


My nightmares comfort me because my reality is a bitch!

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