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FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27
FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27
FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27
FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27
FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27
FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27
FOLLOW ME ON I.G. ~ @demarr27


Mad Hatter Tea Party! - Baby Shower Edition 

This past weekend my cousin hired me as her event decorator to assist her in throwing her best friend a baby shower. I suggest a more modern theme that would appeal to her and her girlfriends. After creating a Pinterest board a few weeks, we ended up going with a ‘Mad Hatter Tea Party’ theme. 

We found most of the supplies at the Dollar Store, Party City, and even our local thrift store (decoration budget under $50 dollars). Below you will find a short description on how I created each piece incorporated into the overall look of the tea party: 

  • 'We're All Mad Here' Front Door Sign - Created this road sign sign for the main entrance of the party. I used several piece of thick white, red, and pink cardboard, and some cute pattern scrapbook paper for the middle. I wrote out the letters using a sharpie pen.
  • Paper mache pom poms make for great ceiling decorations. I purchased these from Party City. They were very easy to assemble. I also decided to hang a few playing cards to go with the team of the tea party. I simply punched a hole at the top, tied it to some thin ribbon, and hung it from the ceiling using a push pin.
  • Tea Cup Flower Arrangements - Put together these cute flower arrangements/center pieces by taking a candle stand and placing the cup over it. Finish the center pieces off by filling the cup with fresh flowers or fake, whatever you prefer. 
  • Stacked Tea Cup Centerpiece- I purchased these plastic plates and tea cups from the dollar stores. I hot glued them on top of one another to give it a messy/about to fall over appearance. I finished the center piece off by adding fresh flowers inside the top tea cup.
  • 'EAT ME' Tags - created these personalized tags for the desserts. These are iconic in the Alice in Wonderland film, along with with ‘DRINK ME’ tags too. I purchased these tags from the scrapbooking section at Michael’s. I found a spoon image and text I liked, printed them out, and then glued them onto the tags. I then glued them onto a toothpick to finish them off. 
  • Seating Cards - Use a deck of cards to create these personalized seating cards. I glued two cards together at the top to allow the card to stand over each plate.
  • Dessert Serving Platter - I purchased two silver platters from the dollar store and stacked them on top of one another by using a candle stand. You can find candle stands at the dollar store as well. I actually ended up hot gluing the candle stand to both platters for a better hold. 
  • 'That way!' Center Pieces - Throughout Alice in Wonderland we often see the different road signs, so I decided to incorporate these signs into the flower center pieces. I used a mixture of real and fake flowers to create the exaggerated flower look. For the signs, I simply cut out two identical letters, write on each side, then glued them together, leaving the center open. Once I had my two arrows ready, I simply inserted them into the stick, and hot glued them securely into place.

I’m very happy with how great everything turned out. It just goes to show how much inspiration can come from our favorite childhood books, movies, and even characters. I loved how we were able turned the ‘Mad Hatter’ theme into a more classic/fancy look fitting for a baby shower. 

Hope you guys enjoy these creations, happy crafting! 

XOXO- Drea

We’re all mad here.


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25 Day Christmas Get Fit and Lose Weight Countdown Challenge! →


Here it is…Reblog to share and get others on board! Let’s do this guys.

Day 1 - Stats: Height, Current Weight, *Christmas* Goal Weight or Fitness Goal
Day 2 - How do you approach losing weight or getting fit? Are you pro-anything?
Day 3 - Don’t say anything bad about anyone today….

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